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Email Configuration

Once you have your domain name registered, eg: we will then be able to configure your email addresses, these can be in the form of or

Once fully configured and integrated with your email client programme (MS Outlook, Express, Netscape etc..), your email addresses will be fully operational, allowing you to send and receive emails without the need of any other email account.

We are able to configure multiple accounts to the same domain name, for eg:, and

Email configuration comes as standard, and is included with: our web design packages and hosting packages.

For further information, or for any advice, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Standard Mailboxes

Standard mailboxes are easy to set up, work with all popular email software (MS Outlook Express, Netscape, Thunderbird etc..), and are versatile enough for a range of uses.

Standard mailboxes are included with our hosting packages and come complete with:
*20MB mailbox space.
*Compatible with almost any email software.

Advanced Mailboxes

Advanced mailboxes feature leading virus and spam scanning software to protect your mail - essential for a secure and reliable email service.

Advanced mailboxes cost £19.99 per year each, and come complete with:
*Roaming SMTP - use our outgoing mail server with and broadband provider.
*Virus and spam protection.
*Huge 1GB mailbox space - ideal for sending and storing large attachments.
*Industry standard POP3.

Roaming SMTP (outgoing mail server).
Roaming SMTP enables you to send email using email software on your computer, however you're accessing the internet. With many other providers, you need to use your ISP's outgoing mail server to send email, but with our's you're not tied to your own broadband connection. For example, if you use email software on a laptop, you'll be able to send emails using different broadband connections when you're on the move, without having to change your settings.

Exchange 2003 Mailboxes

Our most advanced email solution comes in the form of Microsoft Exchange mailboxes, with Microsoft Exchange you have constant access to Outlook® email that you can access via your desktop / laptop or on the move via a secure web-browser via Outlook Web Access. With Exchange you get full access to contacts, calendars and tasks as well as being able to network multiple exchange accounts to take advantage of smart group functionality tools.

Exchange 2003 Mailboxes cost £7.99 per month each, or £79.99 per year each, and come complete with:
*Roaming SMTP - use our outgoing mail server with any broadband provider.
*2GB mailbox space - virus and spam protected.
*Free Microsoft Outlook 2003 email software with each mailbox.
*Outlook Web Access and Outlook Mobile Access.
*Public folders - create as many as you need.
*Calendar, Contacts and Tasks - keep in the loop anywhere you go.






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