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Terms and Conditions

This website has been created by, and managed by, Solar Web Design, Edinburgh, Scotland. We have no control over, and are not responsible for the content of any website we link to outside of our domain:

The websites designed by Solar Web Design are done so at the exclusive direction of and based on information supplied by each individual client, the sole and entire responsibility for that same information rests with each individual client.

Legally, all clients are entirely responsible for all content provided, all content including text, images and animations supplied by the client, for use in their website must be checked for copyright infringement.
By commissioning a project you are indicating full acceptance of these terms and conditions.

The contract between Solar Web Design and the client will be on these conditions to the exclusion of all other terms and conditions. Any variations to these conditions shall have no effect unless agreed to in writing.

A 25% non refundable deposit is required in advance with the remaining balance payable on completion of the website. The website will be switched to live mode, and uploaded to the clients domain name once the remaining balance is paid in full.

Solar Web Design shall not be liable in any way whatsoever for:

Any damage of any kind (direct, indirect, consequential, incidental or punitive) which results from the use of, access to or inability to use the information contained in any website which it has designed.

Any errors or omissions in the content of any website which it has designed.

Our need to cancel hosting service contract periods should our hosting provider go out of business.

Any damages which result from the downloading of material, data, text, images, video or audio from any website designed by Solar Web Design.

Any content in any site linked to a site designed by Solar Web Design and any resulting damages from a site visitor's access to any such linked site - site visitors link to any other such sites at their own risk.

Any damages to or viruses that may infect a site visitor's computer equipment, software, data or other property which result from a site visitor's access to, use of or browsing in any site designed by Solar Web Design.

Solar Web Design are not liable for loss, damage or corruption to files or information stored on our servers or individual PC's relating to a client's website. The client is solely responsible for any information or files relating to their website.

Solar Web Design shall expect the client to carry out sufficient research before proceeding with a website. This will include checking that the website/idea/business will operate legally within UK law. It is important that the website is not in anyway illegal.

Where images used on the website have been purchased by Solar Web Design on behalf of the client, these images are strictly for use on the website only. Solar Web Design are not liable for misuse of these images by the client or any other person/s copying, altering or distributing the images to individuals or other organizations.

Solar Web Design will provide the client with an expected project completion date (live on the internet) if requested. We will endeavor to meet any given deadline but we do not guarantee and are not bound in any way to complete the project by this date.

Solar Web Design can not be held responsible for anything adversely affecting the client's business operation, sales, or profitability that they might claim is a result of a service offered by Solar Web Design.

Where we have been asked to provide search engine optimization for a client, we do not guarantee any specific placement or high ranking on search engines.

Solar Web Design will host the website if the client requires us to do so and on receipt of full payment of our hosting fees. In doing so we will endeavor to provide a reliable and professional hosting service to the client at all times but do not guarantee that the website hosting will be available at all times, especially in the event of a technical failure beyond our control.

Hosting fees are not refundable should you decide to move to another provider within the hosting term paid for.

Renewal of hosting is due on a yearly basis. The date of renewal will be annually from the date the website was completed and live on the internet, hosting fees are paid annually. The hosting will not be renewed if we cannot contact the client or the client requests for us to not host this site.

The hosting renewal charge must be received within 30 days of the hosting expiry date. We reserve the right to deactivate any website where the hosting has expired and the client has not paid the renewal charge. There will be an admin fee by Solar Web Design for reactivating the website / hosting.

If the client does not use Solar Web Design hosting services then the management and hosting of the domain are the full responsibility of the client.

Domain names will be registered by Solar Web Design and also registered to the Solar Web Design current address. Although the domain names are registered to Solar Web Design, the client is still the legal owner of the domain and if they request to have details changed or the domain transferred elsewhere, Solar Web Design will do this within reasonable time.

It is the responsibility of the client to renew their domain names when due. If a domain name expires Solar Web Design can not be held liable for this. However, Solar Web Design will make reasonable effort to contact the client regarding domain name renewal, and if registered through Solar Web Design obtain the relevant renewal fees, within 30 days of the domain name renewal date.

Renewal of domain name registration fees are due on a yearly basis. The domain will not be renewed if we cannot contact or receive payment from the client. If the client does not renew their domain name, their domain name could be made available to the public for purchase and Solar Web Design can not be held liable for this.

The customer shall be responsible for any costs and or expenses incurred in respect of the transfer of registered domain name(s). Solar Web Design shall levy a standard administration fee of £55 in respect of the costs incurred is assisting in such a change of ownership or transfer. Solar Web Design shall be entitled to refuse or relocate or transfer such domain name(s), unless such costs and expenses and all other charges due under these terms and conditions have been paid in full by the customer.

If a .mobi or .tv domain name is requested and or required as part of a web design package or project, where a domain name is included for free, there will be additional costs involved due to the extra cost of these domains.

If a domain name and or hosting is purchased by the client through a company other than Solar Web Design, the client has full responsibility in making sure that the domain name and or hosting is renewed when due.

Solar Web Design own all design and code of the website until final payment has been received in full. Once final payment is received, the client will then own the design and code of the website.

Solar Web Design reserves the right to revise it's terms, conditions and charges at any time and without prior notice.

Payment of invoices shall unless otherwise agreed in writing be made in full without any deduction or setoff within 21 days of the date of invoice.
Interest shall be payable by the client on overdue accounts at the rate of 4% over Bank of England base rate to run from the due date for payment thereof until receipt by Solar Web Design of the full amount whether before or after judgment.

Each individual website owner reserves the exclusive right to alter its site content in any way, at any time and for any reason without prior notification carrying no liability for any consequences of such changes.
Should Solar Web Design work to any directive from a site owner to change the site content then such work is undertaken on the clear understanding that no liability whatsoever relating to such changes is assigned to Solar Web Design.

The provisions set forth above allocate the risks under this agreement between the parties and it is agreed that such allocation and limitation are not unenforceable.




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